Engineered Workstations

Engineerd WorkstationsBecause of their remarkable influence on design and exact styling, ruffling operations belong to the most important and most difficult preparatory work when manufactoring home upholstery and car interior decoration. The efficient engineered sewing station 550-12-23 has specially been developed for the processing of thick fabrics and difficult-to-feed material structures. The excellent sewing kinematics ensures a constantly high processing quality, not only with low, but also with extreme ruffling intensities. Individual ruffling programmes with coordinated functions and preselectable basic adjustments can be created , memorized and reproduced at any time by means of the integrated programme control.

Engineerd WorkstationsThe continuously improved protection of car passengers realized by the introduction of airbags makes increased demands on the seams of the automotive interior. In case of an accident the airbags integrated in seat covers, door panels or car fittings have to break through in an exactly defined seam section. This safety-relevant seam must be strong enough to resist the stress under normal conditions and at the same time it must guarantee the unrestricted, accurate exit of the airbag. Dürkopp Adler has developed the new engineered sewing station 550-867 to realize these airbag tearing seams in a professional way. The overall concept is oriented on process reliability as well as on the monitoring and documentation of the given sewing parameters and sewing processes.