Flat Bed – Long Arm Machine

Long Arm MachineDurkopp Adler long arm Relief-type topstitching operations in heavy-weight materials. Especially when processing thick leather qualities a relief-type seam pattern with hand made appearance is only made possible, if leather and thread thickness as well as stitch length and seam quality go well together. The heavy-weight long arm machines of class 221 are the specialists for this task offering ideal conditions due to the high clearance, the powerful and effective triple feed, the strong needle penetration power, the large stitch lengths and the oversized vertical hooks. When processing thick threads and heavy-weight materials the robust design and the excellent sewing kinematics allow a constantly tight stitch formation and consequently accurate seams as well as neat stitch pattern.

Long Arm MachineDurkopp Adler single needle lockstitch zig-zag machine is used for straight stitch, 1-step, 2-step and 3- step zig-zag operations in the production of sails, tents and tarpaulins as well as for leather processing. The machine equipped with bottom feed and top puller feed for very heavy-weight materials, large barrel shuttle hook system, electro pneumatic backtacking with sewing foot lift and 760 mm clearance always ensures a safe seam, even with heavy-weight materials.

Long Arm MachineSewing operations on large-sized, voluminous and padded home upholstery pieces require the use of longarm machines with large clearance, powerful material feed and long stitch lengths. The robust lockstitch longarm machines offer ideal conditions for these tasks. In order to counteract the frequent and cost-intensive bobbin change when processing large-sized workpieces the 867-190342-70 is equipped with a XXL-hook. Above all, the “interiors” of these machines ensure considerably more productivity and quality. The alternating top feed stroke of max. 9 mm allows easy climbing over thick cross seams. The extremely high sewing foot lift of 20 mm facilitates the feeding and removing of the workpiece. TM-TYPE CLASSIC is equipped with automatik sewing foot lift, an integrated second stitch length, quick stroke adjustment, automatic backtacking, thread trimmer an integrated LED sewing light. The subclass 867-190322-70 corresponds to the 867-190342-70, but it is equipped with a large vertical hook.