Body Pressing Machines

Body Pressing MachinesBody Press Twinstar System. This system offers high productivity and excellent pressing results. It consists of a shirt body press (HP-V3), an automatic unloading device (H-EN) and a transfer system (H-TS). Productivity can be considerably increased with this combination. The combination of shirt body press (HP-V3), automatic unloading device (H-EN) and transfer system (H-TS) is suitable for smaller and larger productions. The automatic unloading device removes the shirts from the pressing form (HP-V3) and hangs them gently on the transfer system (H-TS). The H-TS transports the pressed shirts to the shirt folding tables which are arranged around the H-TS. If necessary, it can be enlarged with up to four extensions

Body Pressing MachinesThe shirt body press HP-V3 presses the complete front and back part including the breast pocket. The shirt forms are available in different sizes (for wide 600 mm, standard 550 mm and narrow shoulders 480 mm. The shirt forms adapt to a wide range of shirt sizes. A productivity of up to 1600 shirts/8 hours can be achieved due to the overlap operation method (simultaneous pressing and loading). Through the extension with H-EN and H-TS up to 2400 shirts/8 hours can be pressed.
VEIT KANNEGIESSER has developed a unique technology: The pressing plates are oil heated. This has the following advantages: The ironing bucks keeps the heat for a long time
Absolutely constant temperature even at high speeds. New VEIT KANNEGIESSER shaping system
Compared to the standard shaping, the new VEIT KANNEGIESSER side seam tensioning system allows to finish small and large size shirts. The finishing results are smooth side seam areas.

Body Pressing MachinesShirt Press VEIT 8900
The Shirt Press is designed for laundries and textile care plants as well as for shrit production. The transversely from above moving press plate with fused heating system provides an excellent temperature distribution, saves energy and achieves a stretching effect downwards. The change from short sleeve to long sleeve is automated. The program time can be chosen by push of a button. Three programs are recorded: short 20 sec., medium 27 sec., long 35 sec.
The programs and steam/drying times can easily be changed on the touch screen. The program process can be traced on the display. Through a linear cylinder the sleeve fastening device is always kept in the same pitch-angle. The sleeve tensioning with anti-stretch-control is precisely adjustable. The cuff tuck press provides an excellent sleeve finish.