Collar | Cuffs | Sleeves

Collars, Cuffs & Sleeves This machine has been especially designed for pressing collars and cuffs of both blouses and shirts. It can also be used as a neck press. The flexible, adjustable forms allow pressing of different sizes and even the pressing of shirts with short sleeves. Adjustable pressing forms for cuffs: After form changes the upper pressing form adjusts itself automatically to the shape of the lower form. Heating: Flexible heating mats guarantee an even distribution of temperature and pressure over the whole surface. The temperature is set digitally. Pressing pressure: The pressure can be adjusted very sensitively for all different kinds of fabrics. Manual spraying device: A better result can be achieved by moistening of the fabric before pressing. The suction unit makes it easier to position collars and cuffs before pressing and optimizes cooling down after pressing.

Collars, Cuffs & Sleeves All types of collars and different sizes of shirts can be processed on this shirt folding station with automatic collar former. The temperature of the heated collar former is adjustable and ensures an excellent finish of the collar inner side. The sales presentation of the shirt is determined by the selection of the collar form (round, long oval and wide oval). An illuminated groove helps to load and position the shirt. The collar former is opened and closed via a foot pedal for easier handling. The sizes of the folding plates can be customized to the requirements of the operators. The folding plates are turn able and make the working process much easier. The shirt folding station is height adjustable and ensures convenient and agronomical working.