Creasing Machines

Creasing MachineWith this VU Edge Creasing Press it is possible to crease left and right fronts for blouse and shirt manufacturing. This is a single, electronically heated edge creasing workstation. Two style for button and button-hole edges a) open edge – folded and creased back once b) covered edge folded and creased twice. The second fold reinforces the front placket. Adjustable to the full range of placket sizes Built-in lamp makes it easier to position stripes and patterns. A sword ensures proper creased edges. Includes Vacuum pump VU.

Creasing MachineThe TUP-2 creases all types of pockets for shirts, blouses, working clothes and trousers. Electro-pneumatic workstation with two loading and creasing stations, each independently controlled. The machine is therefore used for overlap operation with only one operator. Handling time is considerably reduced and quality is improved compared to sewing on of pockets without edge creasing and to edge creasing with irons. Two different pockets types can be pressed in overlap operation. Pockets forms can be produced according to customer requirements.

Creasing MachineThe ASUP Creasing sleeve vents for blouse and shirt manufacturing. Single, electro-pneumatic work station with tandem creasing station. Easy-to-use for less training time. Consistent, quality vent facing, critical for all subsequent operations including those employing sensor controlled automatic sewing equipment. Vent facings are pre-pressed and ready for the attaching operation. Consistent quality regardless of fabric type, incl. those requiring moisture for forming. Quick-change dies are made from user´s patterns. Balanced machine and handling times insure maximum output and consistent quality of both left and right sleeve facing. Temperature and dwell time are individually and precisely controlled.