Pants Finisher

Pants FinisherThe New Pants Finisher / Blower Topper generation VEIT 8741. Our patented technology and equipment design makes this generation of Blower Toppers unique. Its multi-purpose modular design offers every desired solution from the simple and cost-efficient version to the high end solution. You can adapt the Pants Finisher to your individual needs.

Pants Finisher8741 with waistband tensioning system “Longitudinal” This machine is designed for use mainly in dry cleaning shops and laundries. It contains all functions necessary for the designated applications. The highly precise Anti Stretch Function for the legs avoids overstretching and thus damage of the trousers.

Pants FinisherMedium: 8741. The medium version is suitable for pants with little stretch material in the fabric. Additionally to the basic version the medium version has Anti-Stretch function for the legs and inside leg tensioners on the hem clamps system. Furthermore it allows the finish of short trousers

Pants FinisherTop 8741. The top version is suitable for all pants even with a lot of stretch material in the fabric. This version has additionally to the High version lateral waistband clamps which hold the waistband neatly in place during the finish process.
Especially good for pants with elastic waistbands or pants that shall be stretched a lot. Furthermore this version has semi-automatic hem clamps with light barrier for higher productivity