Shirt Finisher

Shirt FinisherShirt Finisher VEIT 8326 this high performance shirt finisher is used primarily in dry cleaning shops and laundries but also in Shirt production facilities with a high volume of shirts to be finished. Compared to the previous version numerous details were improved and the blowing power was increased considerably. Thus the drying times could be reduced drastically resulting in a much higher output. The cuffs are finished without any marks by the pneumatic sleeve tensioners. Optionally a cuff fold press is available. This device presses the cuff folds already on the machine.

Shirt FinisherDUO Shirt Finisher VEIT 8347 The Duo Shirt Finisher consists of two rotating bodies. During the finish time of one shirt the other shirt is clamped and prepared. Due to the established blowing principle and the universal sleeve tensioning device, short or long sleeve shirts can be finished mixed. The high productivity of up to 60 shirts per hour provides an excellent price-performance-ratio.
During the rotation the sleeve tensioners retract to the inside. Combined with the compact design highest productivity will be achieved on only 4.5sq. work space.