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Fusing Machine MultiStar DXT 1400L/1600 Series. The machine series MultiStar DXT with its modular system is designed to satisfy the individual demands of our customers. Every production line is unique, therefore, our fusing machines can always be individually configured. The MultiStar DXT series is characterised by:Two separately and sensitively controlled surface contact heating zones which allow the heating direction to be adjusted according to the material. A user-friendly touch screen with a self-diagnostic function. Three different pressure systems which can be changed at any time. The basic machine can be equipped with entry feed systems and stackers to form a production line. The machines are maintenance and service friendly.

Fusing MachinesThe new Fuse Master BX series is a robust and reliable technology at an economical price. The series consists of a fusing machine with a width of 600 mm / 23.62 inch (BX 600) and a fusing machine with a width of 1000 mm / 39.37 inch (BX 1000). These fusing machines have an 800 mm / 31.5 inch long heating zone which is suitable for mixed productions. The temperatures for upper and lower heating zone can be adjusted separately and precisely for face fabric and interlining. For this reason, even sensitive fabrics can be fused without problems. The fusing belts are controlled proportionally for careful handling. The reliable surface contact heating elements, which maintain the exact temperature, provide a constant fusing result.

Fusing MachinesShirt Fusing Machine BH 600 specifically designed for fusing dress shirt collars and cuffs, this machine is equipped with an active cooling system and is operated by one person. When equipped with the BH/ CH ST 600 Stacker, an optical sensor causes all fused assemblies to be collected automatically. Can be operated by one person. Proven VEIT Kannegiesser panel heating technology. Active Cooling System for fused assemblies. Optional stacker available.

Fusing MachinesAX 450 Fusing Machine Compact Class the compact multi-purpose fusing machine AX 450 is the ideal solution for fusing a wide variety of interlinings and face fabrics. One side of the AX 450 is open to allow partial fusing. This is particularly useful for fusing of smaller areas on larger fabric pieces. The working width of 450 mm / 17.72 inch is, however, sufficient for fusing of front panels of a jacket or other larger components


Kannegiesser FX Diamond fusing machine optimal fusing results thanks to exact temperature control directly at the belt. Consistent fusing results due to consistent pressure over the entire operating width. Optimal adjustment of pressure system (soft, medium) and heating sequence (top, bottom) to the materials to be processed Perfectly designed service concept allows easy and regular cleaning of machine Lowest possible energy consumption due to:  Separate feeding belt, no cooling of transport belt outside of machine complete encapsulation of heating units for extremely low heat loss decoupling of heating zones from machine frame separate feeding belt, no cooling of transport belt outside of machine. Easy operating with new 7“ colour touch display. Reduced wear and tear of belt edge through contact-free belt detection. Prevention of faulty fusing through start/stop function in the event of a diversion from pre-set fusing parameters. This allows the operator to step in. Consistent fusing quality due to optimized cleaning of the belts both on the inner and the outer side. Consequently, major reduction in soiling of roller and fusing material