Industrial Irons

Industrial IronsIndustrial Steam Iron VEIT HP2003 The electronically controlled temperature regulation and the special chamber system of the ironing sole provide a condensate-free steam quality. These high pressure irons are optimally suitable for ironing of sensitive fabrics by its exceptionally smooth steam distribution and the accurate temperature control. The pointed design of the ironing sole guarantees an excellent ironing result even for areas which are difficult to access.

Industrial IronsThermostat-controlled iron VEIT 2129 Ergonomically shaped iron handle with a soft-touch micro switch to release steam. Good steam quality even at lower temperatures. Integrated steam and heat protection for save and comfortable ironing. High power heating for quick heat up and fast reaction. Thermostat controlled (max. temperature deviation +/- 15°C). Soleplate with special chamber system and exchangeable heating for condensate free steam quality. Soft steam release. Long lifetime and high reliability paired with optimal ergonomics. 230 V; 1250 Watt; 50-60 Hz. Ironing surface 220 x 104 mm (8,66 x 4,09 inch)

Industrial IronsDry Iron VEIT DI 2003 This ergonomically shaped dry iron with its specially coated aluminium soleplate glides smoothly over the fabric. It is especially designed for ironing of lining. The specially rounded edges of the sole ensure that the lining is not displaced. A wrinkle-free ironing result is guaranteed. Weight approx. 1300 grams (2.9 lbs.) 230 Volt 1250 Watt 50-60 Hz, ironing surface 220 x 105 mm / 8.7 x 4 inch

Industrial IronsHigh Pressure Seam Iron VEIT HS 2003 for ironing of seams, a specially designed iron is advantageous (e.g. VEIT HS 2003). The narrow sole of the seam iron and the arched and narrow ironing buck avoid marks on the garment. For ironing fabrics that are sensitive to shine, we recommend using a teflon sole. The teflon reduces the contact temperature by up to 40°C and therefore prevents shine. This iron is especially designed for ironing seams during underpressing. The extra flat point and the inclined steam outlet directed to the front guarantee easy opening of the seams. The narrow shape of the soleplate saves energy and directs it exactly to the right place. Weight approx. 1200 grammes (2.6 lbs.); 230 Volt; 800 Watt; 50-60 Hz; ironing surface 200 x 40 mm / 7.9 x 1.6 inch