The VEIT Varioset ironing tables are worldwide known for their great performance, their long lifetime and their reliability. The VEIT Varioset has been since its introduction in the early 1980s continuously further developed and improved. It was the first ironing table in the world which has been designed as a building block system, making it easy to change surfaces and bucks or change pointing left or right. The Varisoet DB tables are mountable, as required, pointing left or right. They can be equipped with various shapes and sizes of ironing surfaces and are ideal for the ironing of skirts, dresses, jackets and blouses. A swivelarm assembly designed for a large variety of ironing bucks as well as a support gantry and a lighting system make this station a perfect ironing unit for processing of ladies’ wear. The suction and blowing function is standard with all Varioset tables. Quick and exact regulation of suction and blowing quantity by key pressure on the electronic control unit. Rated and actual temperature of the iron is shown accurately to the degree on the display.

Veit HP2003 Consistent steam quality for constant use. Temperature control accurate within +/- 2°C (+/- 3°F) to iron temperature sensitive fabrics without marks. Iron sole, high quality and especially smooth, is suitable for ironing without teflon frame sole. Ergonomically shaped iron handle with a soft-touch microswitch to release steam. Integrated steam and heat protection for comfortable and safe ironing. The electronically controlled temperature regulation and the special chamber system of the ironing sole provide a condensate-free steam quality. These high pressure irons are optimally suitable for ironing of sensitive fabrics by its exceptionally smooth steam distribution and the accurate temperature control. The pointed design of the ironing sole guarantees an excellent ironing result even for areas which are difficult to access. Weight approx. 1275 grammes (approx. 3 lbs.); 230 Volt; 1250 Watt; 50-60 Hz; ironing surface 220 x 105 mm / 8.7 x 4 inch.

The newest generation of VEIT Tunnel Finisher 8657 sets high standards in finish quality, particularly with difficult fabrics such as cotton, linen and leather.The VEIT Steam Tunnel consists of minimum one Steam Module and one Circulating Air Module. Optionally a Pre-treatment Module can be added at the entrance of the Tunnel Finisher which allows an improved finish result with natural fibers. In the steam module the garment is treated with superheated steam making the garment swell and formable. The circulating air module with its elaborate air flow straightens the garment and fixes the result by drying the garment.

The new Pants Finisher / Blower Topper generation VEIT 8741. Our patented technology and equipment design makes this generation of Blower Toppers unique. Its multi-purpose modular design offers every desired solution from the simple and cost-efficient version to the high end solution. You can adapt the Pants Finisher to your individual needs.

The VEIT 8410 Knitwear Finisher is a revolutionary concept for sizing and finishing of all types of knit tops. The machine will accommodate polo-shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters and other similar garments (long and short sleeves), and produce a consistent high quality mark-free finish. With the VEIT 8410 Knitwear Finisher, all areas of the garment are carefully finished due to the precise design of the form. Hems are flat finished without marks on the outer face of the fabric. Perfectly pressed side seams which are placed precisely on the form (to the back or the front of the garment as required) Clamp for holding collar and neck neatly in place throughout the finishing process. Shoulder and armhole seams rest perfectly on the body form for optimal finish results. Your results with the VEIT 8410 Knitwear Finisher will be a defined and flat pressed look ready for folding or packaging – no touch-up work is necessary.

The small electro steam generator 2331 is made for use in tailor shops, alteration rooms and dry cleaning shops for connection of one steam iron. The big filling capacity (almost 6 litres / 1.5 gallon) of the stainless steel boiler guarantees an operating time of several hours. When the water level reaches the minimum an acoustic signal reminds of refilling and switches the heating off. A refill can be done within a few minutes. Extensive safety measures protect of operating errors and ensure a safe operation of the steam generator. For the trouble free operation of the steam generator we recommend the use of our binding agent Lapidon. 2.2 kW / 230 V for 3.0 kg steam/h, one solenoid valve for one iron. Connection for one iron. Low-priced small steam generator with stainless steel boiler. Is mostly used by tailors and alteration shops. Steam is normally generated from tap water. Heating for steam boiler and iron can be controlled separately. Iron is activated via switch in order to save energy. Electronic water level indication works with acoustic signals. A vent valve allows easy manual filling.