Automatic unit, two-needles lock stitch, for hemming pockets for 5-pocket jeans or casual trousers, with the possibility of adding manual/automatic label application. Automatic Units represent the new point of reference on a worldwide scale! After many trials we have reached the target we have been trying to achieve for so long, the FLEXIBILITY to stitch on all kinds of fabrics, from stretch to polyester, from nylon to the heaviest jeans material, with the maximum consistency of quality. And all this can be done by making a quick & easy mechanical adjustment to the machine because all of the main regulations are electronic and therefore made through the control panel. There will no longer be any wave effect or arching of the pocket hem, which eliminates quality problems and creates a considerable gain in sewing speed along with very high production rates.

Programmable Unit For Pocket Embroidery or Ornamental Seams
1010 V4/V3D unit is equipped with the widest range of shapes available on the market. Thanks to the special frame (patented) it is possible to perform embroidery with the widest range of shapes available on the market whilst at the same time maintaining high performance levels.

The 002V unit presses the patch all the way round its perimeter, thus considerably speeding up the subsequent sewing operation which can be performed using the VIBEMAC 2516 V2 unit. The use of a simple and reliable technology also makes the machine easy to manage for unskilled personnel. The 002V unit is capable of pressing the greatest variety of shapes or designs of patches, made up of practically any kind of material, and its operation is electro-pneumatic, which means without the use of steam. The unit is fitted with a double pressing head which guarantees a high rate of production since the same operator runs both plates.Each single head on the unit is also equipped with a thermostat to regulate the pressing temperature and a new generation PLC for setting the cycle time.
New press jigs of a new model are delivered in short time and at low cost for the end user.The operator can also easily recognise the various models and measurements by simply reading the codes found on each component of the kit.
These codes also allow the user to be certain that they receive exactly the same jigs when ordering replacements.It is also important to emphasize how simple the jig kits are, allowing the user to assemble them on site, and that the new press jigs are delivered in a short time and at a low cost for the end user.

Automatic Chain Stitch Waistband Application Unit. Automatic unit to stitch a waistband which has been pre-formed by the border unit, onto jeans or casual trousers, with piece by piece working method. The automatic unit 3022WB201 series is equipped with a sewing head entirely developed by R&D dept.
Different models with the following characteristics are available: 4 needles, or double lock stitch, or a mix of chain and lock stitch. Automatic waistband application unit for jeans, casual trousers, and denim jackets. Waistbands can be attached to jeans, casual trousers such as chinos, and fashion trousers in general.
The 3022WB201 is equipped with combined drop feed (feed dog?) & needle feed.

Automatic Fly Piece Unit
The 1010V4F1/VF1 is an automatic programmable unit driven by a Stepping (HI TORQUE) motor. This unit carries out “J” seams on the front fly panel of jeans and casual trousers. It can be used for 4 different operations: automatic loading of the fly-piece with zip or button holes, back pocket design, darts & plats stitching, and run flap stitch, giving an excellent daily rate of production even without a skilled operator. As this unit is also programmable, it permits the creation of customized stitching with maximum freedom of style (any fashion stitch), allowing for the identification of a particular brand by the front view. Performing this operation drastically reduces the probability of a particular model or brand to be plagiarized. The extreme flexibility of the unit can be transformed into a complete module for other stitching processes such as rear pocket embroidery, darts or plats stitching, as well as running flap stitches in a matter of minutes! The 1010 V4F1/VF1 Automatic Unit creates a perfect coupling between fly-piece and front left panel.
This unit, like every Vibemac unit, fully embodies the concept of flexibility.
The widest sewing area in the market (258 x 130 mm); no longer allowing quality to depend on the skill of the operator, or helper, who marks the quarter pieces. Thus providing a constant sewing quality of the J seam for the whole duration of the shift along with excellent daily rates of production. Last but not least, the unit is completely programmable by PLC, which makes it possible to perform any kind of customized stitch in order to meet any quality and fashion requirements requested by the market.

Automatic Programmable Loop Application Unit. Automatic single head unit with two-needle clamp for attaching the loop in a single working cycle. Ideal for jeans, chinos, dockers, sportswear, and casual and classic trousers in general. The flexibility, productivity, reliability, and manufacturing simplicity of the 3650 EV8 units make them completely unique.