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Button Setting Operations

Button Setting OperationsDurkopp Adler 531 CNC-controlled automatic lockstich button sewer. Neat visual appearance by electrical thread wiper. Electrical thread tension for up to 5 programmable thread tension values within the seam pattern. Energy-saving mode for clamp lifting. CNC-control for individual and easy programming. Free input of 9 seam patterns directly at the control panel. 25 sequences with up to 20 seam patterns each can be programmed. Shank shaper and shank button clamp optionally available.

Button Setting OperationsSunstar Electronically Controlled, Button Sewing Machine. It realizes the maximized sewing speed of 2.500SPM and the easy adjustment and change of clamp according to the button type; it shows the excellent sewing results in the large scaled sewing production and multi-type/small-scaled sewing production. And the use of space pin enables the interval adjustment between a button and fabric, and the backtacking sewing technique prevents thread from being loosened after finishing the task to provide high quality. Comparing to the mechanic button-stitching model that required the cam exchange when changing the pattern, 33 electronic controlled patterns are basically provided and it is possible to zoom-in and zoom-out through the simple operation. So it can easily correspond to the various sewing environments.

Button Setting OperationsJack JK-T373 Button mounting Machine. This model is suitable for ordinary cloth,knitting, etc. It’s suitable for light medium and weight materials.

Button Setting OperationsTypical GT660 Button-Attaching Machine with Single Thread Chainstitch and Thread Trimmer Stitch type 101 (Single thread chainstitch)
∙ Max. sewing speed 1,500 spm.
∙ Automatic thread cutter
∙ Adjustable button clamp for different button sizes
∙ 8, 16 or 32 stitches selectable
∙ Adjustable for 2- and 4-hole buttons
∙ Max. movement of clamp: 6.5 x 6.5 mm (hole distance)
∙ Button clamp suitable for button sizes (dia) from 10 – 20 mm
∙ Button clamp lift 14 mm

Bartack Operations

Bartack OperationsTypical GT690 Direct-Drive Electronic Controlled Bar Tacker. X-Y-Drive controlled by 2 stepping motors. Integrated Direct-Drive. Clamp lift by stepping motor (different heights programmable, also in sequences) Machine work without compressed air. Oil-free needle, no oil stand on material. Thread ends after cutting about 2.0 – 2.5 mm. Max. sewing speed 3,200 spm. CB-Hook (Central Bobbin). 89 sewing programms in machine memory. Data transfer by SD-Memory Card. 50 customized programs can be stored. Memory capacity of 20,000 stitches.

Bartack OperationsDurkopp Adler 511 CNC-controlled automatic lockstitch bartacker for light-weight to medium-heavy duty applications. Thread clamp instead of thread wiper for more safety, especially at the sewing start. Electrical thread tension for up to 5 programmable thread tension values wthin the seam pattern. Energy-saving mode for clamp lifting. CNC-control for individual and easy programming. Automatic check of bartack dimensions and clamping foot size avoid collisions. Free input of 9 seam patterns directly at the control panel. 25 sequences with up to 20 seam patterns each can be programmed.

Bartack OperationsSunstar Electronically Controlled, Bartack Sewing Machine. We realized a maximum sewing speed of 2.500SPM, which is the fastest in the world. And we thoroughly studied and analyzed all the sewing-related operation mechanisms regarding X-Y feed, thread trimming, wiper, pressing plate to bring the best productivity to the work site. You can clearly feel our product’s quality difference from the existing backtack sewing machine after comparing products. This series provide 30 types of basic patterns with diverse sizes and stitch length such as large-sized, medium-sized, small-sized and straight backtacking by the diverse purposes, and exert the prompt and powerful function in any sewing project. (Basic 32 patterns + additional 67 pattern = provide maximum 99 patterns)

Jack JK-1850 High Speed Single Needle Bar Tacking Machine. The high speed bar tacking machine is designed for making reinforced stitching of various kinds of clothing such as suits, jeans and working clothes, and also for eye-let buttonhole tacking. Tack length can be easily adjusted, with concentrated lubrication system, automatic thread trimmer and presser lifting.

Button Hole Machines

Button Hole MachineFirst-class seam quality and extraordinary flexibility – this is the new class 540-100. If another buttonhole length is desired, a knife change is made superfluous by the new cutting system. Due to the free programming possibility and a sewing field of 6 mm x 70 mm – the fields of application are unlimited. The fine adaptation of the buttonhole to various materials is done at the touch of a button. The optimized sewing kinematics guarantees an excellent stitch pattern, even with difficult materials. A new stand does not only allow a longitudinal, but also a transversal installation so that a optimum workplace design is achieved. The use of less mechanical parts makes the machine even more service-friendly.
• Max. speed 4.000 stitches/min.
• Memory for 50 buttonholes and 2 freely programmed buttonholes
• 20 sequences with up to 9 buttonholes per sequence

Button Hole MachineAutomatic 2-thread chainstitch eyelet buttonholer. Short thread trimmer for needle thread and looper thread. Large display with graphical user’s guidance for convenient and easy programming of all buttonhole parameters. Excellent stitch formation due to stat-of-the-art sewing kinematics. Electronically controlled needle thread tension gurantees perfect buttonholes. Cutting force optimsation maximizes the life time of the buttonhole knives. Integrated sewing lamp for perfect lighting of the sewing area. Semi-submerged machine head for optimum view and fatigue-free sitting position. Cutting before or after sewing

Button Hole MachineDirect Drive, Electronically Controlled, Lock Stitch, Button Hole Sewing Machine Compact Design which a beginner can use easily. Development of stability while machine is running, the OP Box is not shaken by optimum stand. Adjust the visibility by operation the dial, user can adjust the visibility. Adjust the tension of thread by simple operating of the OP box, thread tension of bartack and zigzag is changed. Double sewing is possible. Double sewing by simple operating of the OP box, and can get hard shape of button hole.

1-needle, lockstitch button hole machine. Suitable for men’s shirts, blouses, working wear, ladies’ wear. The buttonholing position can be easily adjusted. This further enhances ease of operation. The knife mechanism and stop-motion mechanism produce less noise when they actuate, thus contributing to a more comfortable working environment.