Cylinder Bed: 1-Needle Machine

Cylinder Head – 1-Needle Machine

Typical Cylinder Arm Compound Feed Lockstitch Sewing Machine

Cylinder Head - 1-Needle MachineTechnical Data
∙ Stitch type 301 lock stitch
∙ Max. sewing speed 2,200 spm. ∙ Max. stitch length 6.0 mm
∙ Max. top feed stroke 7.0 mm. ∙ Max. fabric clearance 14 mm
∙ Needle system 134-17 DP x17. ∙ Needle size Nm 80-100
∙ Balance wheel 80 mm eff. Dia.. ∙ Recommended motor power minimum 0.55 kW
∙ Cylinder arm diameter 46.5 mm. Clearance under the arm
257×110 mm. Lubrication system

Cylinder Head - 1-Needle MachineDurkopp Adler M-TYPE 669 ECO – the specialist for tubular workpieces. Sewing processes on tubular workpieces make highest demands on the qualification of the operator and on the efficiency of the sewing technology. The subclasses of the new M-TYPE free arm machine 669 with particularly slim machine arm make it possible to professionally realize difficult sewing processes like assembly and binding operations as well as decorative
stitching on small leather goods and difficultly accessible or tubular workpieces. A special feature of the 669 is its ability to bind the material edge with low tension. For this operation the bottom feed stroke can be deactivated by just a few steps which enables an optimum feeding movement. Sewing equipment especially adapted to this sewing operation allows a precise binding result combined with maximum productivity and quality. Due to outstanding performance parameters the 669 ECO offers high functionality and flexibility – at an attractive price.