Flat Bed: Chain Stitching

Flat Bed – Chain Stitching

Flat Bed Chain StitchDurkopp Adler Class 195 is suitable for high-quality double-chain-stitch seams in the application range “home and car upholstery” as well as “technical textiles”. A special advantage of the chain-stitch technology: no bobbin change required. The optimized sewing kinematics guarantees a safe stitch formation and regular firm stitches. Due to the differentiable feeding system even difficult-to-feed fabrics can be sewn without material shifting. Furthermore, the machines are specialists for binding or trimming by means of different equipment variations.

Flat Bed - Chain Stitch MachinesExcellent feeding features, a safe and constantly tight stitch formation – this is guaranteed by the sophisticated technique of the double-chain-stitch machine 195-171521. Thus, it meets the requirements for using chain-stitch technology for medium weight applications. Preparatory operations when manufacturing car interior decoration, home upholstery and technical textiles belong to the sewing processes which can be executed on this machine with particular efficiency. Apart from the high ease of use and service the machine is especially characterized by its superb performance parameters and its flexibility.

Flat Bed - Chain Stitch MachinesA displacement-free, flat sewing result and an accurately trimmed fabric edge are the conditions for an unproblematic further processing of padded upholstery parts. The sophisticated, bobbin less chain-stitch sewing technique of class 195-671110 as well as the high sewing speed, the large stitch length and the spacious clearance under the arm guarantee an unhindered and continuous manufacturing process resulting in a high productivity. The alternating, differential feeding system and the solid edge trimmer with high knife stroke allow an excellent processing quality and a precise trimming of all filling materials usual in the trade, even in case of voluminous multi-ply work-pieces.