Post Bed: 2-Needle Machine

Post Bed – 2-Needle Machine

Post Bed - 2-Needle MachineFollowing the “First of M-Type” the second model of the M-Type series is available now – class 868 in the versions ECO and CLASSIC.
Owing to their spectrum of performance the single-needle and twin-needle post bed machines offer maximum flexibility.
The great variety of equipment makes it possible to use these machines for a multitude of applications on the sector of medium-heavy duty decorative stitching.
The design typical for the M-Type and the ergonomically arranged operating elements guarantee maximum ease of use for topstitching operations on three-dimensional workpieces.

Advantages of class 868
● Extremely slim sewing head for an excellent view on the sewing area
● Low noise level
● Central wick lubrication (minimum lubrication incl. hook)
● Smooth, powerful and effective material feed
● Sewing feet and tape guides of class 768 can be used

Post Bed - 2-Needle MachineDurkopp Adler M-TYPE 868 CLASSIC – the twin needle post bed machine with XXL hooks. High output owing to excellent performance parameters . Thread sizes up to Nm 8/3 max. Constantly tight stitch formation due to switchable second thread tension, even at thick spots. The high top feed stroke facilitates sewing over thick spots and cross seams . The high sewing foot stroke facilitates the feeding and removing of bulky workpieces. Excellent stitch pattern, constantly tight stitch formation, even with large stitch lengths and extreme thread sizes. High bobbin thread capacity due to XXL hooks. Up to 12 mm long stitches for decorative seams . Needle distances up to 30 mm. Twin needle decorative stitching in the field of home and car upholstery