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506-3 Automotive Sewing Automats, in view of the extremely thick materials and sewing threads used in the production of safety belts, lashing and webbing maximum demands are made not only on the machinery to be used, but also on the safety and durability of the seams. The robust, state-of-the-art design, the high penetration force of the direct drive and the expert equipment of the 506 comply with the strict safety standards and allow a high output in combination with an excellent seam pattern quality.

550-767 Automotive engineered workstations, side airbags installed in the backrests of car seats demand a special seam construction on the backrest cover. In order to become fully effective in case of an accident, the airbag must be able to break through the seam of the cover at the predetermined position. This so-called snap seam must not only enable the safe outlet of the airbag, but it must also have the necessary stability to withstand the strain of everyday use. Thus the standards for the manufacturing process and the special seam parameters in the outlet section of the airbag require a permanent supervision. The engineered sewing station 550-767 has especially been designed for process-oriented safety and documentation and guarantees that the quality of every snap seam corresponds to the safety standards.

910-210 Automotive Sewing Automat. The pattern stitcher class 910 is characterized by individual programming combined with easiest handling. The sewing field size of up to 120 x 60 mm, the linkage of control information to every single stitch and the trouble-free creation of seam patterns by means of teach-in function guarantee maximum functionality and flexibility.
The standard equipment with electronic thread tension, thread clamping device and needle thread monitor make the class 910-210 an ideal operating means for a multitude of applications in the production of soft luggage, belts and safety belts, for decorative stitching as well as for short seams and tacking seams.

550-12-23 Automotive Engineered Workstations
Because of their remarkable influence on design and exact styling, ruffling operations belong to the most important and most difficult preparatory work when manufacturing home upholstery and car interior decoration. The efficient engineered sewing station 550-12-23 has specially been developed for the processing of thick fabrics and difficult-to-feed material structures. The excellent sewing kinematics ensures a constantly high processing quality, not only with low, but also with extreme ruffling intensities. Individual ruffling programmes with coordinated functions and preselect able basic adjustments can be created , memorized and reproduced at any time by means of the integrated programme control.

The great advantage of class 205-370 becomes especially apparent when processing three-dimensional work pieces of heaviest materials: The free-arm construction allows an unhindered material handling. Due to the optimized sewing kinematics and the triple feed the robust and reliable machine always provides a first-class stitch pattern. The large barrel shuttle sews thick threads without any problems. Thus, the 205-370 is a specialist for the manufacture of shoes and leather goods, saddlery, upholstery and technical textiles.