Lock Stitch

Durkopp Adler 531 CNC-controlled automatic lockstich button sewer. Neat visual appearance by electrical thread wiper. Electrical thread tension for up to 5 programmable thread tension values within the seam pattern. Energy-saving mode for clamp lifting. CNC-control for individual and easy programming. Free input of 9 seam patterns directly at the control panel. 25 sequences with up to 20 seam patterns each can be programmed. Shank shaper and shank button clamp optionally available.

Button Setting OperationsSunstar Electronically Controlled, Button Sewing Machine. It realizes the maximized sewing speed of 2.500SPM and the easy adjustment and change of clamp according to the button type; it shows the excellent sewing results in the large scaled sewing production and multi-type/small-scaled sewing production. And the use of space pin enables the interval adjustment between a button and fabric, and the backtacking sewing technique prevents thread from being loosened after finishing the task to provide high quality. Comparing to the mechanic button-stitching model that required the cam exchange when changing the pattern, 33 electronic controlled patterns are basically provided and it is possible to zoom-in and zoom-out through the simple operation. So it can easily correspond to the various sewing environments.