Jacket Button hole

Button Hole MachineFirst-class seam quality and extraordinary flexibility – this is the new class 540-100. If another buttonhole length is desired, a knife change is made superfluous by the new cutting system. Due to the free programming possibility and a sewing field of 6 mm x 70 mm – the fields of application are unlimited. The fine adaptation of the buttonhole to various materials is done at the touch of a button. The optimized sewing kinematics guarantees an excellent stitch pattern, even with difficult materials. A new stand does not only allow a longitudinal, but also a transversal installation so that a optimum workplace design is achieved. The use of less mechanical parts makes the machine even more service-friendly.
• Max. speed 4.000 stitches/min.
• Memory for 50 buttonholes and 2 freely programmed buttonholes
• 20 sequences with up to 9 buttonholes per sequence

Button Hole MachineAutomatic 2-thread chainstitch eyelet buttonholer. Short thread trimmer for needle thread and looper thread. Large display with graphical user’s guidance for convenient and easy programming of all buttonhole parameters. Excellent stitch formation due to stat-of-the-art sewing kinematics. Electronically controlled needle thread tension gurantees perfect buttonholes. Cutting force optimsation maximizes the life time of the buttonhole knives. Integrated sewing lamp for perfect lighting of the sewing area. Semi-submerged machine head for optimum view and fatigue-free sitting position. Cutting before or after sewing

Button Hole MachineDirect Drive, Electronically Controlled, Lock Stitch, Button Hole Sewing Machine Compact Design which a beginner can use easily. Development of stability while machine is running, the OP Box is not shaken by optimum stand. Adjust the visibility by operation the dial, user can adjust the visibility. Adjust the tension of thread by simple operating of the OP box, thread tension of bartack and zigzag is changed. Double sewing is possible. Double sewing by simple operating of the OP box, and can get hard shape of button hole.