Chain Stitch

Overlock / Safety Stitch Machines

Overlock MachinePegasus EX-series high speed overlock, mock stitch machine with 4 threads. Top of the line machines to produce beautiful stitches, with reliable mechanism technology that achieves high speed and durability plus ease of operation and maintenance. Offers full line of sub-classes that provide high quality finishes in various operations with a wide number of labour saving devices to help increase productivity.
Overlock Machine


Pegasus proudly introduces it’s brand new sewing machine line M700 series. With unmatched overall performance qualities the M700 series helps both your factory and your operators to boost efficiency and enjoy ease of operation today and in years to come. It canhold a working max speed of 7000rpm


Overlock MachinePegasus M800 series which was developed using all of Pegasus satate of the art technology, while maintaining cost effectiveness and quality, responds to various needs with a full line of subclasses. In order to prevent oil stains, the M800 series includes excellent oil blocking mechanism on many parts of the machine. The machine has a max speed of 7000 rpm.

Interlock & Cover seam machines

Interlock & Cover seam machinePegasus W500 Flatbed 2 or 3 needle coverseam machine for flat sewing (hemming) or binding operation. Max. speed: 5500 rpm. Stitch length adjustment: Push-button Diff. feed ratio adjustment : Lever

Interlock & Cover seam machinePegasus W600 single needle, double chain stitch machine for double-turn hemming bottoms pneumatic under bed thread trimmer with STITCHLOCK and presser foot lift.

Drop Feed and Puller Feed Machines

Drop Feed machine - chain stitchThe rational sewing of assembly seams is the speciality of the double-chain stitch machine. It allows especially high sewing speeds. Due to the automatic adaptation of the lower thread supply to the stitch length an always superb stitch formation is guaranteed. The thread trimmer – standard equipment depending on the subclass – and the stitch condensing allow a safe beginning and ending of the seam within the material. Further characteristics are the smoothness of running, even at high speeds, and the simple thread leads.

Puller Feed Machine, Chain stitchingThe double-chainstitch machine is the machine for rational sewing of smooth seams in difficult-to-feed material. This is guaranteed by the intermittent puller top feed. It operates absolutely synchronous to the bottom feed, even at a speed of up to 6000 stitches/min. The feeding speed of the puller top feed is differentiable to the bottom feed without any problems. So it is possible to sew displacement-free seams in every material. If required, the puller can be swivelled completely out of the sewing area so that the machine can also be used without puller.

Puller Feed Machine, Chain StitchingSingle needle two thread-chainstitch machine with top puller feed, thread trimmer and integrated sewing drive. Energy-saving, integrated positioning drive. Smooth, pucker-free seams, even in difficult-to-feed materials, by chainstitch technology in connection with top puller feed. Absolute speed stability of the top puller feed. Soft stitch formation, no tension puckering. Optimum stitch formation due to automatic adaption of the looper thread quantity. Tight but elastic seams. Automatic sewing foot lift and thread trimming. Condensed stitches for securing the seam beginning and the seam end.