engineered industrial sewing workstations


Durkopp Adler 971-01 Two-thread chain stitch rotary sewing unit

The 971-01 is a rotary sewing unit for runstitching and subsequent trimming of cuffs of shirts and blouses. The cut cuff parts are fed by the operator, runstitched and then trimmed and stacked.

In the meantime the operator can continuously feed the sewing unit with further material.

The rotary sewing unit consists of four stations.

The cuffs in the material clamps are processed in fully overlapped working method.


Durkopp Adler 650-10 OP7000 Optimized work station for setting sleeves with Touch screen

Sleeve setting is one of the most difficult sewing operations in the clothing industry. The demands on the operator with regard to dexterity and knowledge of production Technology are extremely high. When using the sleeve setter 650-16 a large part of the difficult handling is taken over by the machine by means of the “curve support” function. Sewing is simplified considerably, the training periods are shortened essentially and Performance as well as quality are increased.

Durkopp Adler 550-5-5-2 optimized waistband stitching

The sewing station 550-5-5-2 has been optimized for stitching waistbands of trousers and skirts in the seam shadow. The integrated basic sewing machine 274 ensures an excellent material feed and perfectly smooth seams in all materials. The handling and guiding of the material is made easy by means of a great variety of equipment, e.g. the special stand with ergonomically shaped table and rest for the right arm as well as the sewing foot with edge guide. Thus, you achieve a constantly high seam quality due to easy handling. Performance: approx. 500-550 fly pieces in 480 min.

Durkopp Adler 550-5-5-2 optimized waistband stitching

Durkopp Adler 1220-6 Single-head overlock units for serging of long and short seams

The sewing unit 1220-6 offer excellent solutions for the rational serging of long skirt and trousers parts. Serging of the seat curve, the vent curve and the trousers hem can be integrated. The versatility of this unit makes it the ideal choice for flexible production cycles. The stacking process of the 1220-4 is automated which allows an overlapped working method. The control enables the free programming of different seam sequences. Thus, it is possible to serge a complete pair of trousers without having to readjust the unit. Performance: approx. 600 pairs of front and hind trousers in 480 min approx. 580 pairs of front and hind trousers with fly in 480 min.

Durkopp Adler 1220-6 Single-head overlock units for serging of long and short seams

Durkopp Adler 743-121-01 sew darts and waist pleats in trousers and skirts 

The sewing unit 743-121-01 (double chain stitch) for sewing darts and waist pleats fascinate by their compact design.

The operator can change between the operations “darts” and “waist pleats” within a few seconds simply by replacing the template set. Moreover, the sewing units guarantee an extraordinary quality of darts and waist pleats, which is achieved also by inexperienced users thanks to simplest operation.

Durkopp Adler 743-121-01 sew darts and waist pleats in trousers and skirts

Duropp Adler 745-35-10 A jet pocket machine

With maximum equipment flexibility to strong productivity the 745-35-10A takes off to sew straight and optional slanted piped pocket-, flap pocket- and welt pocket openings. In conjunction with the optional fully automatic flap slant – recognition and automatic corner knife station, a perfectly stitched pocket opening with no limits. Manual feeding of all additional parts. Fully automatic corner knife adjustment with automatic adaptation of the seam offset by means of flap slant recognition. Large colour graphic display with individually adaptable user interface. Needle thread and bobbin thread monitor for optimum safety while sewing. Large vertical hooks reduce bobbin changes.

Touch screen OP7000 with colour graphic display for easy programming and quick access to all Parameters – intuitive operating concept with freely designable user interface for functions.

All pocket parameters are freely programmable. High-quality control system with DAC comfort and Machine-ID. Machine parameters can be copied by USB flash drive. Saving of machine parameters in machine-ID. Transport clamp K35-L for an increased sewing quality due to very simple adaption to the application. Typical filed of application Trouser pockets, lining pockets, sportswear pockets, straight jacket pockets.

Durkopp Adler 745-35-10 A jet pocket machine