Bartack Operations

Bartack OperationsTypical GT690 Direct-Drive Electronic Controlled Bar Tacker. X-Y-Drive controlled by 2 stepping motors. Integrated Direct-Drive. Clamp lift by stepping motor (different heights programmable, also in sequences) Machine work without compressed air. Oil-free needle, no oil stand on material. Thread ends after cutting about 2.0 – 2.5 mm. Max. sewing speed 3,200 spm. CB-Hook (Central Bobbin). 89 sewing programms in machine memory. Data transfer by SD-Memory Card. 50 customized programs can be stored. Memory capacity of 20,000 stitches.

Bartack OperationsDurkopp Adler 511 CNC-controlled automatic lockstitch bartacker for light-weight to medium-heavy duty applications. Thread clamp instead of thread wiper for more safety, especially at the sewing start. Electrical thread tension for up to 5 programmable thread tension values wthin the seam pattern. Energy-saving mode for clamp lifting. CNC-control for individual and easy programming. Automatic check of bartack dimensions and clamping foot size avoid collisions. Free input of 9 seam patterns directly at the control panel. 25 sequences with up to 20 seam patterns each can be programmed.

Bartack OperationsSunstar Electronically Controlled, Bartack Sewing Machine. We realized a maximum sewing speed of 2.500SPM, which is the fastest in the world. And we thoroughly studied and analyzed all the sewing-related operation mechanisms regarding X-Y feed, thread trimming, wiper, pressing plate to bring the best productivity to the work site. You can clearly feel our product’s quality difference from the existing backtack sewing machine after comparing products. This series provide 30 types of basic patterns with diverse sizes and stitch length such as large-sized, medium-sized, small-sized and straight backtacking by the diverse purposes, and exert the prompt and powerful function in any sewing project. (Basic 32 patterns + additional 67 pattern = provide maximum 99 patterns)