Drop Feed


Durkopp Adler 281-140342 drop feed machine

With an energy-saving and maintenance free direct sewing drive integrated in the machine head the new generation of high speed sewing machines 281 sets new standards. The Semi-Dry-Head with minimum lubrication of the needle bar and hook lubrication avoids stains on the work pieces and guarantees quiet running and durability.  Push button for manual back tacking, improves the handling in case of difficult sewing operations. The hand wheel for adjusting the sewing foot pressure allows a quick and reproducible adaptation to various materials. Apart from the thread nipper for a neat seam beginning, the thread trimmer and the automatic back tacking the basic equipment of the 281 also includes the motor control panel as well as sewing equipment for light-weight to medium weight material. The machine is also equipped with an electromagnetic sewing foot lift.


Typical GC6730MD3 GC_6730

Direct-drive High-Speed Lockstitch Sewing Machine with Drop Feed. Standard fast seamer for light to medium materials. Needle bar stroke: 31 mm. Clearance under the arm 300×136 mm. Automatic enclosed lubrication system.

Technical Data
Stitch type 301. Max sewing speed 5,000 spm. (GC6730MD3). Max. stitch length 5 mm. Max. fabric clearance 13 mm with knee lever. Adjustable take-up-lever (58–62 mm) to optimize the stitch-quality on different materials high flexible)



Durkopp Adler 271-140342 lock-stitch 

Double lock-stitch machine with integrated sewing drive and new electromagnetic thread nipper. Also in fine fabrics the state of the art sewing kinematics of the 271-140342 allows exemplary lock stitching. Even when sewing at maximum speed, with lowest thread tension and minimum thread strain every stitch is completed with precision and uniformity. Seam back tacking, thread trimmer and sewing foot lift of the 271-140342 are operated via the foot pedal. All functions are controlled electromagnetically so that the machine can be used everywhere without compressed air. The integrated DC direct drive enables a smooth and quiet running and guarantees a sensitive operation, especially when sewing “stitch in stitch”. All in all, the 271-140342 is a machine that should be the bases of productivity and quality in every plant.