Edge Trimmer

Edge Trimmer machineDoublelockstitch – machine with needle feed and edge trimmer. The machine is equipped with an edge trimmer to produce neatly cut seam edges. The trimming margin of the edge trimmer is between 3,5 and 8mm, depending on the sewing equipment. Also in fine fabrics the state-of-the -art sewing kinematics allows exemplary lockstitching. Even when sewing at maximum speed, with lowest thread tension and minimum thread strain every stitch is completed with precision and uniformity. Seam backtacking, thread trimmer and sewing foot lift are controlled electromagnetically so that the machine can flexibly be used without compressed air. The integrated DC direct drive enables a smooth and quiet running and guarantees a sensitive operation, especially when sewing “stitch in stitch”.

Edge Trimmer 002Lockstitch machine with top feet and separately driven edge trimmer. Energy-saving, integrated sewing drive. Separately driven edge trimmer with to trimming speeds for always neatly cut edges, even in corners and radi. Flat seams due to bottom feed and differential foot top feed, even in fine or difficult-to feed-material. Push-button for pre-programmed fullness. No feed marks in the material by means of patented light stroke system. Excellent climbing properties when sewing over transversal seams. Easy and reproducible adjustment of top feed and stitch length via dials. Neat seam beginning by means of thread nipper.

Edge Trimmer 003High Speed, 1-Needle, Needle Feed, Lock Stitch Sewing Machine with Vertical Edge Trimmer and Automatic Thread Trimmer. Since the knife operation device is mounted to the inside of arm, the work environment is simple. And with the use of the lever method that sufficiently considers the upper/lower knife clutch operation, it is easy to switch general sewing process into cutting sewing process.