Needle Feed

Needle Feed 001The combination of bottom feed and needle feed of the lockstitch machine ensures absolutely displacement-free seams in thick and thin material. As in case of all machines, the sophisticated sewing kinematics provides an exemplary stitch pattern, even at maximum speed and with minimum thread tension and stress. Because of its durable, robust and service-friendly design the machine should be available as basic machine wherever trousers, jackets and coats are produced. With integrated sewing drive.

Needle Feed 002

Direct-Drive High-Speed Lockstitch Sewing Machine with Drop and Needle Feed. Technical Data:  Stitch type 301,  Max. sewing speed 4,000 spm. (GC6760MD3).  Max. stitch length 5,5 mm (GC6760HD3). Max. fabric clearance 13 mm with knee lever. Floating foot fine adjustment to optimize the seam quality. Adjustable take-up lever (58-62 mm) to optimize the stitch quality on different materials (high-flexible). Clearance under the arm 300×136 mm. Automatic enclosed lubrication system.