PolyPattern-Design Pro

PolyPattern-Design Pro is an extension of PolyPattern-Design. It includes all of its features, plus special tools for doing more advanced pattern construction in even fewer steps, yielding geometrically correct patterns in every operation.

PolyPattern-Design Pro features include:

  • automatic opening of any type of pleat, dart, or pleated dart
  • automatic dart definition, reversal, shifting, and cut out
  • edge walking to determine the “fit” of two pieces
  • the ability to fold a pattern across a line or to bring two points together
  • the ability to extract a pattern from existing patterns and drafted lines
  • tools to create accurate single or double spiral shaped patterns for flounce
  • tools to quickly open multiple pleats with an option to smooth into volan or ruffle pieces
  • tools to keep pattern dimensions in a dimension table that reflects and subsequent changes you make
  • tools to define complex matching criteria for plaid and stripe matching in the marker