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Durkopp Adler 273-140342-01Single needle lockstitch machine

Durkopp Adler 273-140342-01Single needle lockstitch machine with bottom feed and top puller feed

  • Energy-saving, integrated sewing drive
  • Top puller feed with constant speed, working extremely behind the sewing foot
  • Usual clearance due to top puller feed to be swivelled upwards
  • Reproducible adjustment of the top puller feed via handwheel
  • Neat seam beginning by means of thread nipper
  • Oil-free sewing point for workpieces without oil stains
  • Automatic sewing foot lift, thread trimming and backtacking

Typical field of application – Long seams in all sectors of the apparel industry, especially for difficult-to-feed materials

Performance features

  • Top puller feed adjustable up to a feed lenght of 7 mm
  • Max. stitch lenght 4 mm
  • Max. sewing speed 5,500 stitches/min.

Durkopp Adler 273-140342-01 Single needle lockstitch machine

Durkopp Adler 274-140342-01

The lockstitch machine 274 is particularly powerful when processing difficult-to-sew materials like velvet. In order to achieve constant sewing results it is equipped with a “stroke level adjustment”.

By means of this equipment the sewing foot can be moved in a position to hold the material safely without damaging the pile. Besides the needle feed, especially the top puller feed working extremely close to the needle ensures a displacement-free material feed and tension-free seams. With integrated sewing drive.

Durkopp Adler 274-140342-01